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ABOUT The Inner Fire Academy

Workshops and Events   

Our passion is simple, but powerful:
"As firefighters, we've seen loss, that's why we want to see you succeed. "
To us, loss looks both like tragedy, but it also looks like a life without fulfillment. 
This is what drives us everyday.  In our careers we have had the unique perspective of seeing the faces of tragedy and loss, but also success, triumph, and fulfillment.   These are the lessons and experiences we want to share with you. 
We are excited to support your success in 2 ways. 
1)  The Mental Health Resiliency Through Purposeful Living Workshop
2) The 5 Hour Intensive Small Group/ 1-1 Mental Health Resiliency Training
1)  The Mental Health Resiliency Through Purposeful Living Workshop
Are you preparing a class for a job in a challenging career?  Are you giving your students/candidates everything they need to succeed and thrive? 
We often hear that schools and organizations do a great job of delivering mandatory content.  Many instructors, deans, principals, program coordinators often feel they haven't fully prepared their students beyond that. 
As firefighters and peer supporters, we've seen various effects of stressful and challenging service oriented careers.  These include: burnout, compassion fatigue, critical incident stress, health consequences, among many other serious effects as it touches all aspects of our lives.  
We know mental health is proactive.  We also know we're more resilient when we feel we're creating and living our lives purposefully.  We don't just offer you a course ABOUT or content on mental health.  We create an experience through the activities and platform of firefighting.  Your students will also walk away with a workbook of all of their own specific answers, goals, self care techniques, etc by the end of the course.  
We often describe these tools in our workbook as the "invisible tools."  We had to know how to use those before we could ever hold the "physical ones." 
"We share messages and tools of empowerment so as to inspire and support high performers in pursuing and succeeding in their passions in life.  This is what mental health resiliency looks like to us."
2) The 5 Hour Intensive Small Group/ 1-1 Mental Health Resiliency Training
Are you a firefighter candidate?  How about a high performer in a competitive career or on a competitive team?  If yes, I am really excited to share this next bit with you!
Forget the formal classroom setting.  I have worked with "Untamed Entrepreneurs" in the creation of a dynamic, fun, and intense experience that will surely put a smile on your face, wind you a bit, and make you feel 100% more resilient going forward with your goals.   Plus, if you're a firefighting candidate, this could be the single most important post graduate experience to getting on the job!
I want to share all of my resources and work with you, because I want to see you succeed.  I want to see you enter your dream career and thrive in what you do.  To me, supporting others in their success is the pathway to preventing and re-framing a lot of the loss and tragedy I see in my firefighting role.  I want to share the most challenging experiences and calls I've had and the lessons I've learned both when it comes to preventing loss AND creating success. 

"We use firefighting activities and experiences to engage high achievers in creating their own sense of possibility, direction, and gratitude.  We call these the "invisible tools" of firefighting. 


-The Inner Fire Chief

simply message me through my contact information below!  As I am a full time firefighter, I am happy to work towards a time that works for both of us.