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Welcome to the 5 hour intensive!!

Are you a high performer?  Applying for or a part of a competitive team?  Do you like working in small groups of like minded peers or even 1 on 1?  If yes, then this the event for you!

In this 5 hour package I am offering a day of fun filled training as brothers and sisters.  This includes...

1) A physical activity/exercise 

-It wouldn't be intensive if we didn't get you moving!  We'll prime the pump, talk about the day, and get to know each other. 

2) A forcible entry prop/activity and a twist on search and rescue 

-When is the last time you got to break down a door!?!?  

3) Our Mental Health Resiliency Through Purposeful Living Workbook

-Together we'll complete this workbook and walk away with something that has been life changing for me and others.

4) A certificate in Firefighter Mental Health Resiliency

-Fire Services are valuing candidates who show training and preparation in mental health.  Many services are prioritizing this over technical rescue training in candidates.  This can be something you can also speak to in your interview and on your resume.

5) An awesome lunch and good times with a like minded peer group. 

-This could be an amazing opportunity to take a course with friends/teammates or to meet other driven individuals. 



For firefighter candidates specifically.. 

6) Our comprehensive interview prep document 

-I know our interview document is comprehensive and unlike any other prep package you may have seen.

7) Our cover letter prep document 

-Some important tips!

8) Our resume prep document

-Full of resume builders and great resources. 

9) One month of coaching and feedback for those documents 

-Many candidates have sent me recordings of their mock interview answers.  Together we refined them and have had great success getting hired. 

10) Talk to me after the day and we'll see about scheduling a one on one mock interview as well!

-Only if you'll treat it like the real thing. 

This is our one stop shop to supporting your success with your goals!  A once in a lifetime opportunity!!

It's because I've seen loss that I want to see you succeed!

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