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We're proud to say we've provided this workshop to the following organizations:

  • Toronto Professional Firefighters Association

  • Post Secondary College Nursing, Firefighting, and Funeral Services Programs 

  • Peel Regional School Board

  • Private Schools

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

  • Untamed Entrepreneurs 

What do we present to your students?

From Belief to Fire Chief:

-The Journey from "I can't" to "I AM."

This is our most powerful presentation. 

In 3 hours we give your students the "invisible tools" that have helped us, other firefighters and students create a life of joy and purpose.  We also offer a 1 hour entry level presentation.  

So here is how we do it:

Hour 1:  Our Thoughts and Beliefs.  "I can't" to "I can!"

Here we break down your classroom door!!!  Don't worry, we have a prop!  We show students with their help that our physical tools give us leverage to open physical doors!!  Then we can explain how invisible tools give us leverage to open invisible doors.  The power of our thoughts and beliefs in relation to our life's experiences and opportunities.  It's what makes firefighters run into burning buildings.  Ironically, we needed a lot of these empowering thoughts and beliefs even just entering the career, long before we had the opportunity to break down doors as firefighters.   

Hour 2:  Our Sense of Vision/Direction.  "I can" to "I will!"

1 hour presentation.  1 hour of homework. 

Here we fill your classroom with smoke!!!  No breathing apparatus needed, we have black out goggles! We show students that without vision life can be scary.  Fear and doubt can take over.  This is true of our eyes/body and mind/life.  We see it as our job to create vision when we cannot see in smoky environments, and to know where we are going before we respond in our truck.  We give youth the tools to create their own vision and ultimately healthy goals, purpose, passion, clarity, and confidence in their lives.   

Hour 3:  Our Sense of Gratitude.  "I will" to "I AM!"

1 hour presentation.  1 hour of homework. 

Here we give your students some challenging firefighting tasks.  As firefighters we have to be creative, resourceful, committed, and optimistic.  We believe gratitude is what allows us to do this.  It is the mindset that "everything I need to begin is here already."  That I can start "where I am, with what I have, and with what I know."  That "nothing is missing."  We believe appreciators find solutions and resources and that makes them rescuers vs victims.     

I still fill out my workbook to this day, as I am committed to progressing in the tools we share.  The tools we get better and better at using everyday.   



                                -Little Mike and Big Mike



We have also worked hard to match these with the Ontario Catholic Curriculum Expectations.  

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