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What makes me qualified?


I believe first and foremost my passion is what makes me qualified. 

My own resiliency has been challenged and expanded...

as an athlete on a competitive team, as a young adult choosing a field of study and future employment, as a candidate trying to get hired, as a firefighter and paramedic who has seen tragedy and supported others through it.

It is through these experiences that I understand without direction, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment, things feel more "life and energy taking" vs "life and energy giving."    That's significant because to us, loss is both tragedy and that "life and energy taking feeling."  The feeling we get when we aren't able to create and find purpose or meaning in what we're doing in our lives. 

As we know, first responders are given training and principles to manage the most chaotic environments with the goal of preventing loss of life.  This inherently surrounds us with emergencies and tragedies that need to be mitigated.  With this in mind, it has been my mission to take these same principles we use and trust to prevent loss of life in emergency situations, and apply them in creating a fuller life in everyday living.  This has surrounded me with a joy and success that has no ceiling. 


These principles are the "invisible tools" of fulfillment and sharing them is what I truly believe I was born to do.  

Below are some of my relevant experiences..

Emergency Service Experience 


I entered the career of firefighting at the age of 22.  Since then I've found a lot of fulfillment growing in technical rescuepeer support, and union steward roles.

1) As a member of a squad technical rescue crew I have received training and applied skills in:  personal entrapment, auto extrication, rope rescue, confined space, trench rescue, elevator rescue, swift/ice water rescue, and many other specialized courses.


2) Our busy peer support team has been fortunate enough to receive strong support and training with experienced members.


3) As a steward I have had the privilege of also working with our union, membership, and driven leaders. 


I gained employment as a permanent part time primary care paramedic at the age of 21.  These calls and experiences largely shaped and influenced me as a young adult.  

Instruction and Professional Development


I've had the opportunity to fulfill instructor roles as a Shift Training Instructor, Pre-Service Firefighter Program Instructor, and The Inner Fire Chief.  

1)  As a Shift Training Instructor I teach the base hospital medical directives to firefighters on the trucks. 


2)  As a Pre-Service Firefighter Program instructor I've had the privilege of working with other fire service leaders, program coordinators, deans, and motivated students and candidates at the college level.


3)  As The Inner Fire Chief I have enjoyed working with motivated candidates getting on to the fire service, schools, and many other training and empowerment organizations.  

Professional Development:

I have received support and guidance from The M1 Mastermind Community and Untamed Entrepreneurs. 

1)  The M1 Mastermind Community is a community of high-achievers as committed to your success as they are their own.  In this community I obtained training in leadership and leverage mastery, consciously meditating, negotiate to win/win, and wealth mastery.  I also received training and accountability as a community leader.

2)  Untamed Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs re-discover the energy and clarity to reach their potential in work and life.  We have worked together for years to create the platform and content we deliver today.  

For more about my behaviour and instructing profiles, please click the following link..

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