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Capturing Progress

So you have some goals. Have you noticed any patterns? Any obstacles? Are you working on your goals some of the time? When you feel like it?

What is the point of a goal if we don't "capture our progress?" In my eyes, this is no different than a "haul system" for a rope rescue. Our goal may be to safely bring that patient up to the top of the cliff. This requires pulling on the rope to lift the basket up. However, we only have so much rope to pull before we have to "reset our system" and haul again. If we don't "capture" where the rope is, we lose all our progress.

It might take us 8 "resets" before we get that person to the top. This is the journey of life. Only until you have captured your progress, can you reset the system and haul again. We can do this for an unlimited amount of times in our lives. The more we do this the more we bring ourselves to new heights!!! Were all given infinite rope, no ceiling.

Set yourself some goals. Capture those goals by doing them everyday! Tracking them, talking to others about them, having an accountability partner. Then once you've accomplished those, its time to set some new ones!! Build on top of the old ones.

How many times have you watched or even experienced having a goal for a while only to lose the progress? Whether it be a diet, exercise, business, career goal? Don't let your goals go! Maybe you were trying to haul too much! Can you make them something you can do everyday? Maybe you need help, more people helping you pull the rope!! Maybe you need a better reason, a better system. Maybe you're rescuing your dreams in that rescue basket.

If you want to capture and build on your progress, JOIN a community that takes interest in your personal development. That celebrates your victories and keeps you accountable to success! Join us on our journey to the top at The Inner Fire Academy.

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