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The Halligan Bar

What is leverage and where do we use it?

Leverage is something that gives us an advantage. It is something that allows us to accomplish more work with less effort. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? In the fire service most leverage can be physically seen when we use it mechanically. The Halligan Bar is one example.

When it comes to forcing a door open in an emergency, this is our "go to" prying tool. With the advantage of leverage we've gone from kicking and body checking doors to using the right tools and knowledge to open almost any door. Even after the door is open our work is not done as we need to still fight a fire or assist medically.

Having used leverage on the job and hearing it in business settings, something occurred to me. How can we use leverage in all areas of our lives? Surely we are leveraging our time by using cell phones, internet, even cars to get places quicker. Although these are great, how can we leverage specifically our quality of life???

If you ask people today if the world is better or worse what response would you get? Probably a mixed one. So even though we use technology and have found amazing ways to improve "the world," why aren't people sure the world has improved? I believe it is because it is all a matter of personal opinion and perspective. Many changes feel external and impersonal.

In looking for ways to leverage my own life I came up with an answer. I wanted something that could increase my happiness, increase my knowledge, increase my fulfillment, etc. In my search, I found the answer in the word itself.

LEVERAGING Your Life. Start the eye rolls, I made an acronym haha (my medical background kicking in). Here it is, in my eyes:

Lose your limiting beliefs, labels, and fears

Expand and express empowering thoughts as knowings

Vivid value based vision

Eat and exercise so as to feel efficient and energized

Read and write so as to retain and reignite

Action and accountability actualize and overcome adversity

Genuine gratitude gravitates what you appreciate

Intentional inspired people live inside-out

Network = your net-worth

Grow by getting great goals done daily

What do you think about my 10 principles? Would any of these increase the quality of your life? If these interest you, then join us in our Inner Fire Academy as we go through each of these and more in detail!

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