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Participant Feedback Form Statements

#1 Takeaways:

“To set goals that can be achieved in the day, week, month, year.”

“The invisible shapes and creates the physical.”

“To find purpose and self-motivation after this course.”

“Knowing how to achieve the goal I made.  Not just making a goal, but making a plan on how to achieve it.”

“My life is determined not by others, but by my own thoughts and actions.”

“Make a precise goal.  Keep a positive mindset.  Never give up.”


“The words that follow I AM follow me.”



“Focus on and find the positives even in hard situations.”



“My takeaway is the purpose statement I created.”

“Keep a positive mindset.  Don’t live as a victim.”



“Being able to say yes more and believing in myself.”



“Mindset is everything.”



“To live toward what I’m FOR vs what I’m against.”



“Believe in yourself.”


“Is that my goals/bucket list are possible.”



“I learned about how I should view life and different ways of thinking.”



“To be as positive as possible. Cope with challenges or “problems” correctly.”



Summary of what I learned:

“It’s a way to learn about your goals and what you want to accomplish and how/when.”



“If you don’t have your own beliefs you’ll fall for someone else’s.”



“Beliefs are not about what’s right or wrong, rather if they’re empowering or disempowering.”


“Take control of your environment.”



“Possibility, direction, gratitude.”



“I’ve learned ways to self motivate, finally!”



“This presentation was very informative and inspiring.”



“It’s about taking matters into your own hands and finding what you truly want to invest yourself in.”



“It’s about self discovery and self reflection.  It helps to create a clear picture and give direction.”



“That I am whatever I call myself and that I should live toward what I am FOR vs focusing on what I’m against.”



“Focus on self fulfillment and developing goals in a positive way.”



“I would say it’s a course to learn the ins and outs of what the right kind of mindset is needed to become a firefighter.”


“We learned about real life situations and about never giving up on something that you want.”


“It’s about using positive mindset and belief to find what makes you happy.”


“How to better your life/become more resilient before jumping in to the rescuer role.”

“The positive side of the journey to the career of firefighting.  The importance of mental state.”

“I would say I learned a lot about keeping a positive attitude and staying focused on my goals to succeed.”



“How to think more open minded and how to become more successful today.”



“I would say it’s about bettering yourself and others around you.  Setting healthy goals and how to reach them.”



“It’s all about positivity.  Things get done when the focus is positive.”

Testimonials from Candidates Turned Firefighters!

Michael Sehl was previously my instructor at Humber College in 2016 whom I found as an instructor to be knowledgeable and encouraging. I had kept in touch with Michael after graduating and he was kind enough to help me with my resume for previous applications. I reached out for advice when I received an interview. Michael was more than willing to provide guidance and went above and beyond what I expected from an interview coach. For myself, I was very nervous about my interview, but with all the preparation and help that Michael had given me, I was more than ready. He was there every bit of the process. If I had any question at all I was able to give him multiple examples and he would respond to me promptly and providing great feedback. He made sure that I was really telling my story and showing who I am. He helped me build confidence in my presentation, which gave me the ability to answer questions fluently.

Michael is a very humble guy who truly enjoys helping others through each step in chasing this career. I know I am not the first person Michael has influenced and I’m sure I will not be the last.



I had the pleasure of meeting Mike in 2016 at Humber College in the Pre-Service Firefighter training program. I knew from the first time we met that there was a good connection and chemistry between him and I. Being the same age as Mike really helped motivate me to push even harder to chase my dreams of becoming a firefighter. Mikes knowledge of firefighting and personality definitely showed when teaching our classes at Humber College. He is a very humble and smart young man who sent off good positive vibes to fellow classmates and myself. He made learning that much more enjoyable. After graduating from Humber I kept in contact with Mike.  He has still been one of the most helpful and positive people while I am on my journey to become a Firefighter.

Station visits to Mike's hall has always been a great time as Mike had welcomed the Rehab Canteen unit that I am a part of (Toronto Fire Support 7) to come and have one of our weekly meetings. Although we were there for a visit and to hangout, the firefighter in Mike came out as he was more than happy to show us the in’s and out’s of squad 143. That’s just the type of person Mike is, happy, positive, friendly and a very humble guy.

Still to this day Mike continues to help me whether it is with motivational quotes, helping me with my resume and interview skills or just being someone to talk to, Mike is always there. I am very proud to call him my friend and my soon to be brother for life as I recently became a member of Toronto Fire Services next recruit class of 2018. Big thanks to Mike for being with me every step of the way in chasing my dreams of becoming a firefighter. I know I am not the only person that Mike has helped out and I am sure that there are many more people who feel the same way about him as I do as he continues to give back to aspiring firefighters at the schools he teaches at.


Thank you Michael Sehl


When challenged to ask 3-5 people what I'm best at, this was some of the feedback I received:

"Seeing the best in anyone.  More than the benefit of the doubt!  You have faith in the fact that they can do it.  You help others believe in themselves and let them know someone believes in them.  You always see the positives before the negatives in all situations."  



"Seeing the good in people, as well as their potential (even when they don't see it).  Setting out, planning, and putting the work in to achieve goals in life (and achieving them).  Having a great approach to life with the right balance of humour/playfulness and seriousness.  A drive to always be moving forward and improving yourself/your life.  You listen to people.  You don't just sit there, you actually hear what they are saying and give honest feedback and support. You're a long term thinker who plans for the future and still lives life to the fullest today.  Keep being a genuine person who always puts others before yourself!"


"Mike is easy going and almost always in a good mood.  He is caring and helpful toward others.  A good listener, easy to talk to.  He is open minded and big hearted.  Very thoughtful and empathetic toward others.  Team player and unselfish.  Loyal and dependable.  Motivated, hard working, ambitious.  He loves to laugh, make others laugh, and he's very lovable."



"Mike makes learning fun.  He is inclusive of all people.  A strong team player who works to make each person better.  He is great at focusing on a task and working hard to accomplish the objectives."


"Mike is a highly educated individual who likes to share his knowledge.  I would describe him as modest and with an outgoing personality.  He leads by example.  Strives to make himself better and others around him by setting goals.  Even through challenging times he keeps a very positive outlook on everything that comes his way."


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