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Here is the framework of LEVERAGING:

In the fire service we use leverage.  Leverage to pry open a door or to even handle a hose line.  So I thought it appropriate that we are “leveraging” our lives.  We can do this by using principles as our "mechanical advantage," or “tools.”  Following these principles allows us to accomplish more with the same or less amount of effort.


L:  Lose Your Limiting Beliefs, Labels, and Fears

E:  Expand and Express Empowering Thoughts as Knowings

V:  Vivid Value Based Vision

E:  Eat and Exercise to feel Efficient and Energized

R:  Read and Write so as to Retain New Realizations

A:  Action and Accountability Actualize and Overcome Adversity

G:  Genuine Gratitude Gravitates what you Appreciate

I:  Intentional, Inspired People Live Inside-Out

N:  Network = Your Networth

G:  Grow by Getting Great Goals Done Daily

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited by these invisible tools.  

Here are the same leveraging principles the helped us create "The Rules of Firefighting."

The Rules of Firefighting:

These are the guiding rules, the inspiration, and some of the metaphors we use in our 3 well crafted 1 hour presentations.  

1) Believe anything is possible.

-If you're going to lose anything in a fire, lose your limiting beliefs. 

2) Create your own beliefs.

-Most people don't believe in running into fires.  So why do we do it? 

3) Figure out where you're going before you respond. 

-How else will we quickly and safely get to where we want to go?  Direction is more important than speed.

4) Treat your body like a life saving tool. 

-It is the "tool" that must be able to use all of the other life saving tools. 

5) Learn like your life depends on it.

-The quality of your life certainly does. 

6) Take accountability, then take action.

-We don't get to walk away from fires that "aren't our fault."

7) Find what you live FOR, not AGAINST.

-The things we live FOR empower, motivate, and inspire us.  The things we live against weaken us. 

8) It always starts with you.

-It is up to us to be the change we want to see in our crew, station, home, life. 

9) Be someone and surround yourself with people you trust your life with.

-Don't wait for the threat of dying to find people you rely on.  It's when you're alive and how it effects your living that counts. 

10) You can only ever start where you are, with what you have, and with what you know.    

-Everyone has to start from here.  Everything you need to be and do whatever you want is here already.

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